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Caffeine Intake

I can thank quarantine for increasing my caffeine intake. Now before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to preface this with, COFFEE IS NOT BAD. In healthy amounts, coffee can be proven effective to help stimulate brain function, improve your energy levels, and promote your well-being. However, if a person is consuming cup after cup, some challenges can arise. As the experts of our own bodies, we need to recognize what could be causing a road block in our daily functioning. Whether thats with coffee, sugary or salty snacks, minimal movement, etc. we must consistently check in with ourselves in order to form a healthy relationship with our bodies and external environment. 

After some recent issues with my hormones being imbalanced, feeling lethargic right around 3pm, and getting awful headaches if I didn’t drink a cup of coffee- I needed to heal my body immediately. To my best knowledge, I figured the smartest idea to start that process would be, lowering my caffeine levels. Soon enough, my body felt like it was back to normal. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the effect of caffeine on our hormones. If you are a woman with diagnosed hormonal challenges including PCOS, Fibroids, and Endometriosis, you’ll want to lock in on this section. If you’re just a woman wanting to enhance your daily living, you too, should lock in. Caffeine allows our bodies to produce a larger amount of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels and regulates blood sugar. But with an extra amount of cortisol being pumped throughout our body, it can affect our body’s ability to control inflammation in the body. Cortisol spikes can also exhaust our adrenal system leaving us feeling irritable, shaky, and unfocused. No wonder why we go to grab another cup o’ joe!! Being that caffeine has such a huge impact on our hormones, caffeine can affect our menstrual cycle immensely. I never really struggled when I would get my period, but the last 4 months were just different. I noticed my menstrual cycle started to become irregular and my PMS symptoms were worse than ever. By decreasing my caffeine, synching my cycle with each phase of my period and monitoring my symptoms on the MyFlo App, I began to balance my hormones and feel better and better everyday. I highly recommend the MyFlo App if you want to be more in tune with your body and its needs. 

If you believe your caffeine intake is having an affect on your body, but you’re not ready just yet to quit cold turkey, my advice to you is to only consume it after having a nutrient dense meal in order to stabilize your blood sugar. Do not drink it on an empty stomach. Once you are ready to ween yourself off, I would suggest cutting each cup in half until you don’t feel the need to drink it every day or multiple times a day. You can also introduce some substitutes that might help curve your caffeine kick. Blog post coming soon about some alternatives!




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