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Health Behaviors

Health behaviors are activities taken by individuals for the purpose of maintaining/enhancing their health, preventing health issues, or achieving a positive body image. It is not limited to healthy people trying to stay healthy, but also includes people with health challenges who seek to control, minimize, or maintain their health through intentional forms of health management, such as diet, exercise, meditation, better sleep, and stress management.

Now, of course, I don’t know what goes on in each of your lives that can contribute to the improvement or decline of your well-being. So, my question(s) for you to reflect upon this month are: 

  1. What things do you intentionally engage in to claim a health-promoting lifestyle?
  2. What potential harmful habits might you perpetuate?
  3. Are you implementing your health behaviors out of habit to just get it done for results, or are you fully engaged in the process?
  4. Where might you disregard the accepted standards for healthy living because it seems to make life easier?



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