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Routines (Maybe?)

Last month we talked about building habits that are unique to you. I hope you have all had success in figuring out what you want to make time for and what wasn’t working for you in the past. Remember, if you’re doing something that someone else is doing because you want the same results- you’re only wasting your precious time. We are all bio-individuals with our own genetic makeup and our own personality. Stop comparing yourself to others, and do whatever it is, FOR YOU!

Now that we go that out of the way, let’s talk about routine. Anybody who knows me well, knows that I’m a little obsessive about my routine (almost to a fault). If my routine is thrown off, I find myself feeling frustrated and anxious. Thankfully, I have allowed myself over the past few months to find peace in that type of chaos, and be more open to appreciating the spontaneity life can throw at you. I’ve learned that having a routine is necessary, but it should not make you feel restricted. We can still be productive human beings without a strict routine! Like I said with habits, what works for you will be completely different for another individual. If having a routine with minimal rigidity is what makes you happy, organized, and feel at ease, go for it! If it makes you feel constrained, lighten up a bit and find what feels good for your day in each particular moment. And, if you’re somewhere in the middle of both of those extremes, meet yourself where you are day in and day out. There is no rush to the finish line of life.

In our society, there’s a sense of always wanting and needing control. We must have control of our future, we must have control of our emotions, we must have control of our routine, etc. When in reality, half of things that “we should have control over” are almost impossible. We need to be made aware that there is divine timing in everything, and there is a reason for it.

Breaking our routines can make us feel scattered and out of control, but how many times has our routine broken and we rathered the result of the spontaneous experience? I can count on my fingers multiple times that has happened to me. Sometimes when we are so hard headed about our routine or how something should play out, we lose focus of the present moment and what we are doing the task for. Be more open to the fact that some things are not going to happen the way you expect, and know that, that is okay.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “my routine is sacred and I’m never letting it go” – all the power to you! It’s incredible that you can stay accountable to yourself and find a way to get a,b,c done without feeling like you’re putting yourself in overdrive.

I commend all of you for having the self-awareness to know what type of “routine maker” you are or aren’t! 

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