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An Uplifting Message For Anyone In Need

Well, if you find yourself here, I hope this message finds you well and helps to propel you forward. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time right now. I’m here for you!

I texted this to my friend when we were in the heat of COVID back in April. Every now and then when I’m feeling anxious, grumpy, lonely, broken down, You get the point… I look back on this and while it brings me back to the dark times in April, it also brings me right back to the present moment. 


“I hope you start to have better days. It’s not an easy thing for anyone. Simple things that we used to do are gone right now and it makes you realize how luxurious our life is (was). In so many instances, we are so lucky to live the way we do. To miss our friends, family, school and work shows how “rich” our life is. It’s definitely not what we ever expected to go through , but at least we’re all going through it together. We all understand the capacity at which this virus has invaded our world. We all are fighting this the same way. It gives us common ground, no matter how different a person might be from us. Maybe people will start to be kinder and more compassionate toward each other. It’s okay to have bad/down days because that means we have something/someone in our life that truly means something to us. It’s amazing that we still have a bed to wake up in, our health, the ability to work and go to school remotely, eat nutritious food, have electricity, etc. find the positives in the negatives. It’s always there.”


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