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3 Benefits of Collagen and How to Use it Daily

Collagen is a vital protein that contributes to bone structure, joint and muscle mobility, and skin elasticity. It is naturally produced in the body and can also be found in connective tissue, skin, tendons, bones, and cartilage. However, collagen production can decrease with age, and an unbalanced diet may hinder the body from fully benefiting from it. Therefore, consuming collagen through supplements can be beneficial. 

Below, you will find 3 benefits of collagen supplements:

  1. Easy way to Increase Protein in your diet – when people ask me for protein powder recommendations, I always recommend collagen. Most protein powders can be filled with unnecessary ingredients and are extremely hard to digest. Collagen is a simple ingredient that packs a powerful punch. 
  2. Healthier Hair, Radiant Skin, Stronger Nails – collagen supplements are known to improve the health and strength of hair, skin, and nails. You may notice faster hair and nail growth, clearer complexion/less wrinkles, and less brittle/broken nails.
  3. Relieve Joint Pain & Muscle Tightness- after all, collagen is responsible for the strength of our bones. Taking collagen supplements can improve your pain and help make exercise routines better. It’s also important to mention that an anti-inflammatory diet may support this too!


How can you incorporate collagen into your diet? Add a scoop to coffee, smoothies, yogurts, dips, sauces, soups, and stews. The additional protein is great for keeping you satisfied! There are also foods that naturally contain collagen. They include, animal-based proteins, bone broth, berries, broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens. All of these foods are exceptional for a well-rounded diet!

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