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Lifestyles By Liz is your comprehensive wellness partner, dedicated to helping you create sustainable nutrition and lifestyle practices, including the transformative practice of yoga. LSBL strives to improve your self-confidence and enhance your overall quality of life by providing a personalized solution to your health, wellness, and fitness goals.

As your Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Instructor, my ultimate goal is to help you develop a positive and enjoyable relationship with food, while also introducing you to the holistic benefits of yoga. This unique blend of nutritional therapy and yoga aims to support you in taking better care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

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Liz is genuinely the best. She's extremely professional, timely, organized and knowledgeable in her craft. I trust her wholeheartedly. In just 3 months, I have seen an absolute change in not only my dietary and nutritional habits, but also my thought processes and the way I view life and myself. Liz takes a holistic approach to making you the "you" that you want to be. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the services she provides - plus, she's a great friend on top of it all 🙂 Love you, Liz!
Response from the owner: I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done together! You’re doing great things for your mind and body. Keep it up!
Liz has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve never worked with a health professional before that was compassionate, easy to speak to and understanding about what a JOURNEY this whole process is. She is kind and patient and everything you would want from a nutritional therapist. I’ve learned such amazing ways to change my lifestyle from her and really owe her a lot. If you’re thinking about working with her, do it.
Response from the owner: It’s so awesome working with you! I appreciate you!
Liz is such a pleasure to work with. She’s so kind and patient and is a constant reminder that being gentle with yourself during times of major change helps get you to your goals a lot faster and more consistently. In just 3 months I’ve seen improvements with my digestion, brain fog, overall mood and energy, and my eating and lifestyle habits have changed tremendously. I’m excited to continue working with her and see how my life and health continues to improve. I highly recommend working with her!
Response from the owner: Thanks Jennie! I’m so proud of all your progress and can’t wait to see what else is in store!
Liz is a true professional at her craft. After immediately working with Liz, it was clear she is knowledgeable about all things nutrition, diet and overall healthier lifestyles. Liz is extremely detail-oriented and provided me comprehensive plans catered specifically to me to help achieve personal goals. She always follows up throughout the week for check-ins to see how I am progressing. I would highly recommend working with Liz if you're looking to improve your health lifestyle.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words! It’s been such a great experience working with you!
Liz is amazing! She’s patient, thoughtful, and thorough - she’d check in weekly with us and work closely to create healthy habits for us for a healthy lifestyle. Would definitely recommend using her to achieve your goals!
Response from the owner: Thanks Kristin! Glad to have helped!
I can’t thank Liz enough for the journey we took together. Liz is a very kind and caring person who tries to understand and help her clients with the best outcome to achieve. She has a lot of knowledge about nutrition, reducing stress and creating better sleeping habits. She gives good advice and embodies this healthy lifestyle. She shares her knowledge through personal experiences and helped me understand the connections between the food I eat and how I feel. She never pushed me without knowing if I was ready or not. She met me where I was by taking one step at a time. She adapted new things in the way it fit to my individual situation. She helped me with tasty recipes and helped me build better routines. I loved the hints she gave me which made my daily life so much easier. I highly recommend Liz if you want to adopt a healthier and balanced lifestyle. She will show you how to regain your energy and reduce your stress. Your body and mind will thank you and Liz for this.
Response from the owner: So good working with you! Thanks!
5 stars.Liz was so helpful and supportive, who frequently checked in on me, and motivated me to create a better lifestyle for myself. Liz was always informative, on time with all appointments and with any question I asked, she always had an answer. Liz also had great recommendations throughout our journey together. Because of Liz, I have learned to eat balanced meals throughout the day. She provided me with a variety of foods on a weekly meal plan to the point where it was impossible to get sick of anything I ate. She was truly wonderful, and I would recommend her to anybody. Very on top of to my needs and listens to your concerns. Thank you for everything Liz!
Response from the owner: So glad to have guided you! Always here for you!
I have worked with Liz for almost 3 months now- it has been life-changing. I struggled with my health journey for about two years. I restricted foods and counted every calorie just to overindulge later. In 3 short months, she has taught me that food is not a number. I needed to fuel my body intuitively and focus on what made me feel good. What matters is your health and your entire mindset (not just your gut). Liz has taught me that I am changing my lifestyle for ME, not to fit anyone else’s standards. I forget this sometimes, and when I do, I never hesitated to share my intrusive thoughts about diet culture with Liz. Her advice has truly shifted my entire mindset and I couldn’t be more grateful. Even those around me have noticed a better version of myself, and it’s only going up from here!
Response from the owner: Your growth has been incredible to watch! Rooting for you always
If it weren’t for Liz’s support and great recommendations I would not be feeling as well as I do now physically and mentally💕
Response from the owner: Thank you, Gwen! Love to hear it!
Liz is a wonderful human being. She has helped me through very difficult times and has made me fully feel better about myself in every way. She always has an answer to all of my questions and is such a delight to talk to. If you are looking to start a nutrition journey then I’d highly recommend liz!
Response from the owner: It was great working with you and getting to know you! Thank you so much.
Liz is amazing! As a college student, I find her nutritional tips to be very helpful. She is always going the extra mile to help her clients. She is the best!!
Response from the owner: Always so happy to help you!
I was looking for a customized solution to increase my vitality and regain my health. Liz's compassionate and personalized approach "fit the bill".Liz worked with me to establish goals and develop healthier habits that will become lifestyle changes. Her approach focuses on the quality of food and how it effects your body to improve digestion, have more energy, better moods and mental clarity.In this world of access to almost too much information, I highly recommend Liz to help cut through all your concerns and confusion and to get you on the path to your "best health".
Response from the owner: Loved every one of our conversations! Thank you!
Reached out to Liz a few weeks ago needing help with my digestion and bloating issues. Do not be fooled by her young age this girl knows her stuff. She gave me some wonderful information including menu ideas and exercise ideas to say the least. It was a pleasure talking to her and she explained stuff to me in depth that I really understood it. I look forward to keeping in touch with her and I highly recommend her to anybody looking for some help as she is a wondeful .
Response from the owner: Thanks Nella. My pleasure!
Working with Liz was an absolute pleasure. Her upbeat and positive attitude was exactly what I needed on days when I wasn’t feeling my best. She always encouraged me to do better, and we loved trading ideas. Our weekly meetings felt more like girlfriends chatting and not some check in like I thought it would be. Since having my children 5 years ago, I have always put myself last but Liz has reminded me to always take time for myself to refill my cup. There has been such a positive shift in my energy and overall attitude ever since working with her. I hope to work with Liz in the future again, she has been my saving grace. If you are debating on working with Liz or not, you will not be disappointed! Go for it!
Response from the owner: It was such an incredible experience working with you!
I would not be 25 lbs lighter without Liz . She is patient and works with you to achieve goals. Before working with Liz, i suffered all kinds of gastric issues. I feel 100 percent better and the pounds are dropping too. liz is knowledgeable and works one on with you to not only look your best but feel your best
Response from the owner: So great working with you!
Liz was very helpful with me improving my eating habits I learned a lot from her. I am eating much better and definitely watching what I eat and what is in the foods I eat.
Response from the owner: You were amazing!
We have been working with Liz for 4 months. We thought losing weight was the only goal, but she has taught us how to think differently about our overall health. Together my spouse and I have lost nearly 40 pounds and are healthier than we have ever been. We could not be more pleased with the results and with Liz. She is professional, knowledgeable and understands the journey. We highly recommend her!
Response from the owner: You both make me love my job more! Thank you!
I work in the construction trades full-time and always found it a challenge to make the time with meal prepping. It was mostly knowing the right things I should eat, and keeping a consistent regimen. Just wanna say thank you for introducing me to a simpler & more efficient way of doing things that work for me. Keep up the great work
Response from the owner: Always here to make life easier! You're doing great! Thank you.
Seriously Liz has been an amazing asset to our family. We are much healthier and my husband has lost over 30 lbs under her care. 10/10 recommend great addition to maintaining a healthy physically and mentally well lifestyle
Response from the owner: It's been an absolute pleasure!

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