Frequently Asked Questions

An NTP is trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association. They learn how to evaluate a person’s nutrient deficiencies and foundational imbalances in the body. With this information and approach, we hope to reach the root cause of health challenges.


We support the body through diet, optimizing digestion, regulating blood sugar, assessing fatty acid and mineral balance status, and hydration levels. NTPs also incorporate analysis of lifestyle habits, including sleep, stress, movement, and environmental considerations that provide holistic recommendations that help bring the body back into balance. An NTP cannot make any medical diagnoses.

You should work with an NTP if you are struggling to maintain energy and are experiencing discomfort either physically or mentally with food. An NTP helps improve your relationship with food and lifestyle behaviors.

Lifestyles By Liz works with men and women ages between 25 and 55. If you're a person who struggles with gut issues, energy crashes, and disruptive sleep, set up a consultation with me. Clients must be open minded, determined, and willing to adopt new habits.

Lifestyles by Liz offers 3 and 6 month coaching programs. View them here.

Weekly sessions can last between 30 and 45 minutes, except for our first official meeting. The first meeting can last up to an hour and a half.

Currently, there is no waitlist to be a client at Lifestyles By Liz. Most programs will begin between the first and fifteenth of the month.
Clients will be billed once a month until their program balance is complete.

All coaching programs are conducted virtually via phone call, facetime, zoom, or google meet.

Some clients have lost weight from the benefits of nutritional therapy. However, Lifestyles by Liz does not guarantee weight loss.

I create meal plans for clients depending on their goals, personality, our unique conversations, and their current lifestyle. If we both believe a meal plan can enhance their nutritional therapy experience, I create one per week.

I do work with married couples! Sessions are done together, but recommendations can differ depending on the goals and what their body needs are. I love working with couples because it adds an extra layer of support and accountability.

It is strongly encouraged that you finish the program you started. Your payments are non-refundable. If you have an outstanding balance, you are responsible to pay the balance.