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Benefits of Decreasing Coffee

Although minimizing coffee consumption may not sound appealing to many, it can have potential benefits. If you are attempting to reduce your coffee intake, you may want to consider the advantages. Decreasing the amount of coffee you drink on a daily basis can potentially lead to better sleep, less anxiety, improved hormone balance, and fewer digestive challenges.

Within the first few days of reducing coffee and then further eliminating it, I immediately found that I slept deeper and my energy was more organic. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have many withdrawal symptoms. Instead, I only had positive results. 

An excessive amount of coffee daily is routine for many people. But, the over consumption may cause negative outcomes in the long run. Some people may feel like they can’t produce energy without coffee. While others may feel like they can’t go to the bathroom regularly without coffee. Relying on coffee for energy and consistent bowel movements isn’t ideal. We must get to the root cause of why we feel these things are unattainable without coffee and trust our body to complete its normal functions without stimulants or other supplements. 

Decreasing coffee on a daily basis can potentially lead to better sleep, less anxiety, improved hormone balance, and fewer digestive challenges. Here are a few notes on how this change can result in long-term benefits. 

Better Sleep:

  • Studies show that an over consumption of coffee can impact the body’s sleep cycle. It can cause mid-day drowsiness and restless sleep. 
  • When we decrease or further eliminate coffee, our body can better regulate the natural sleep cycle of a human body. 


Less Anxiety/Improved Hormone Balance:

  • Caffeine can impact our nervous system in several ways. Since coffee is a stimulant, it can easily increase our anxiety responses and create unpleasant feelings of nervousness and stress. 
  • If you’re a person who struggles often with anxiety, minimizing caffeine intake may be helpful. 
  • As you decrease caffeine, your body may be able to manage stress and anxiety much more effectively. 
  • If you’re drinking an excess amount of caffeine, your body will produce extra cortisol. Cortisol is our primary stress hormone. It plays a role in blood sugar regulation and also aids our body when it’s in a fight or flight experience. 
  • An extra amount of cortisol output can increase the level of inflammation present in the body. This can eventually lead to fatigue, brain fog, weight fluctuations, decreased immunity, and decreased joint health.


Fewer Digestive Challenges:

  • Coffee can help stimulate digestion by creating a quicker emptying. But, relying on caffeine for regular bowel movements isn’t ideal. Working on diversifying and cleaning up the gut environment for regular bowel movements is essential. 
  • Excess consumption of coffee can irritate the GI lining and cause symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. 
  • Hydrating properly, along with healthy diet and lifestyle behavior can help repair our gut integrity. 


If you have any questions, reach out! 

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