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How To Form Habits Customized To You

How To Create Habits That Will Stick:

I’ve been reading a book called “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin in preparation for my Nutrition program to start in 4 days!! “Better than Before” has been teaching me a lot about habits, why certain people can form habits easier than others, and how being cognisant of what type of habits we make, can improve our overall well-being.

I expected this book to be a handbook of what habits I should form and how to carry them out. However, I was quick to learn that developing habits that other people pursue might not be helpful for every individual. Rubin says, “The most important thing is to know ourselves, and to choose the strategies that work for us.”

We tend to base our habits around 7 foundations. They are:

  1. Eat and drink more healthfully
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Save, spend, and earn wisely
  4. Rest, relax, and enjoy
  5. Accomplish more, stop procrastinating
  6. Simplify, clear, clean, and organize
  7. Engage more deeply in relationships (with yourself, others, the world, and God)

I suggest making a list of activities unique to you that can help achieve these 7 foundations. It is also helpful to schedule the hour of the day you intend to engage in each habit and how long you will spend on it. This holds you accountable and will organize your day/week in a structured way. One activity can cross off 2 or more things on the list. Be specific about your habits and choose them because YOU WANT to do them, not because someone else is doing it. 

Here are some of my own daily habits that tie into the 7 foundations above: 

  • My daily habit of yoga – crosses off foundation 2, 4, and 7. Moving my body in a way that feels right for me makes me excited to practice yoga. As I practice, I become more aware of my breath and am engaged in the present moment which helps me to relax. Lastly, giving myself the time and space for this daily practice, helps me to understand myself more and give thanks to the people around me. 


  • My habit of cooking and baking – crosses off foundation 1 and 3. Eating meals at home that I prepare consciously with natural ingredients and care, allows me to save money 6/7 days a week and eat healthier. 

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