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Yoga For Digestion: What to Expect & How to Prepare

What I love about the health and wellness space is that when you start learning and being mindful about nutrition, physical activity, stress, and sleep hygiene, all of these factors drastically improve together by your simple habits.

Yoga for digestion is an awesome practice for gut health and self care. Dropping into this practice allows the yogi to tend to the internal organs responsible for proper digestion. It also encourages the student to practice their self care techniques in a purposeful manner.

Digestive health is determined by overall well-being. If an individual is constantly in fight or flight, eating unhealthy, and not prioritizing movement, digestive health will suffer. Eating mindfully and introducing yoga into your lifestyle can have a profound effect on your nervous system and digestive health.

How to Prepare for Yoga For Digestion:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Wear breathable clothing
  • Hydrate with mineral rich water post practice


What to Expect During Yoga For Digestion:

  • Guided self massage that supports digestion and tends to the internal organs
  • Belly breathing focus
  • Yoga sequences that incorporate twists, bends, and spinal flexion
  • Sense of comfort and increased mindfulness


I created the Nutrition Meets Namaste package to blend yoga and nutritional therapy together. Combining these offerings can improve your experience and health journey entirely. It’s designed to fuel your self-development, encourage better nutrition habits, and understand what foods or other behaviors either improve or aggravate their body/well-being.

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