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Your Mental Health Matters

We would all be lying if we said that we’re happy all of the time. There are days or maybe even weeks where we might not feel like the best versions of ourselves. The road to finding ourselves is not an easy one, and it’s likely that most days, you’re going to feel worse before you feel better. None of this happens overnight. The process is powerful, it cannot be rushed. 

I remember being in a sad place in my mind and my body for a few years. It seemed that no matter what I did to feel better, I still wasn’t making progress. I just wanted to feel like myself – bubbly, joyful, brave. I remember faking a lot of laughs, going to bed with tears on my pillow, and treating my body like garbage. I felt like every time I wanted to talk to someone, they were quick to say “You’ll be fine.” In other instances, the words wouldn’t come out, or I would cry. I needed time alone to let the thoughts in my mind come to the surface, one by one. I started to write down the root causes of why I felt this way and how I could gently push myself out of it. Keyword- gently. Therapy followed, different relationships ended, new relationships began, my habits changed, my perspective on different things shifted, and eventually – a breakthrough happened. 

You’ve probably heard people say that “The journey IS the destination.” Putting yourself in a vulnerable position to figure out what needs to be changed is uncomfortable. But, we can’t possibly be comfortable when we’re on the journey to self-love. You peel away different layers of yourself that you never met. It’s weird at first, but in the same breath, it’s revitalizing. You realize your soul’s purpose. You create space for what matters in your life. And perhaps the best thing to come out of this is … you become someone you’re proud of.

My friend told me about a year or so ago that there are 3 stages of life:

Learn, Earn, Return 

We are currently learning about ourselves- what we like/dislike will help us understand what type of relationships we want, how we can help the world, and choose our careers. 

When we figure that out, it leads to how we make a living for the rest of our lives (the Earning stage). 

Then, when we come out of our life happy with all that we have accomplished, it’s time to return the favor, whether it’s in the form of money or knowledge. 

Once we have reached that age of doing everything we have ever wanted, it’s time to give back to people who are in need. We’re all going to be in a situation one day where we need help, and that’s when YOU can come to the rescue. 

Learn, Earn, Return 

Let’s learn. 🙂


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