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Blood Sugar Friendly Coffee

We know having regulated blood sugar is one the major keys to having a healthy lifestyle. A great way to  balance blood sugar when it comes to coffee is to consume coffee it only after you’ve eaten a meal. It’s best to never drink coffee on an empty stomach. This messes with our blood sugar, and puts added stress on our adrenals. You may feel anxious, jittery, and then exhausted. If you’re not feeling breakfast, you can add some extra nutrients into your coffee to make it a balanced beverage. You’re energy will be a smooth rise and you won’t feel a crash in energy later if you’re drinking coffee responsibility. Do this by adding coconut oil, collagen, and cinnamon.



  1. Add your dairy of choice into a cup with the scoop of collagen. Froth these ingredients together until creamy. 
  2. Add coffee to the cup and froth again. When you start to get stiff peaks, add some cinnamon on top. 
  3. Enjoy hot or over ice. 

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