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How Can I Get Better Sleep?

There’s nothing I love more than my nightly routine. I look forward to grabbing my giant cup of chamomile tea, stretching, and connecting with my breath and body after a long day’s work. Being able to fall asleep fast for some individuals could be frustrating. There’s nothing more annoying than being tired and tossing and turning all night long because you can’t relax. I want to help you prevent that. Sleep isn’t just beneficial for your energy. It also helps with digestion, detoxification, stress management, and weight. Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks to start implementing into your nightly routine. Sleep well.

Tips and Tricks To Help Get Better Sleep:

  • Creating a calm environment in the place you unwind
    • We tend to be people who are always rushing and crossing things off the to-do list without ever really being mindful of what we’re doing. When we’re ready for bed, we want to tell our body that it’s okay to relax and surrender to the day. Wherever you tend to unwind, create a sacred space that helps your body adjust to the evening hours. Dim your lights, put on an essential oil diffuser or candle, and turn on calming music. 
  • Brewing a cup of sleepy-time tea
    • Chamomile tea is an herb that has sleep-inducing effects. Sip slowly, and allow your body to let loose.
  • Magnesium Supplement
    • Magnesium helps to relax muscles in the body and regulate the nervous system. It is also beneficial for gut health. Consult with your doctor if magnesium can be helpful for your situation.
  • Stretching/Yoga before getting into bed
    • It’s no lie that most of us are sitting all day long. Taking the time to work out the tension areas of our body before getting into bed is great for our health and helps us get to sleep faster.
  • Minimizing screen time up to an hour or so before going to sleep
    • Avoid blue light as it suppresses melatonin production. Purchasing glasses that block blue light is a good idea if you must use your devices for long periods.
  • Breathing Techniques
    • Square Breathing: Inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, rest, repeat.
    • 3 Point Breathing: inhale to inflate your belly, inhale again to inflate your chest, and exhale completely
  •  Avoiding caffeine once the clock strikes noon 


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