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Setting and Manifesting Goals

Welcoming 2022 

I am sure I am not the first or the last person you heard who’s speaking about goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. At the beginning of each year, we find ourselves ready to take on the most unimaginable things. Where does that passion come from? How do we sustain this energy and motivation throughout the entire year?

We welcome 2022 with an eager attitude and use it as a fresh start to take care of ourselves, improve our well-being, and create healthier habits to nourish our mind, body, and spirit.


You have 365 days to turn your life around. Where are you starting? How do you want to finish?


One of the first questions I ask my clients is:
“What does a healthy life look like for you?” Most people come to me looking for a quick fix to lose weight. However, after just a few minutes of connecting with that client and understanding their challenges/concerns- they realize it’s not the weight that is so important for them to lose right away. It’s gaining energy back, waking up in the morning with a grateful attitude, feeling confident in their skin, or enjoying the weekend without calculating every calorie.

Think deeper into your goals. 

What is it actually that needs tending to and why? How can achieving this be beneficial for your overall lifestyle?


Write your goals as if you already achieved them. In doing this, you’re giving yourself the confidence that you can achieve what you always set out to do. Believe in yourself!! The goals you set are to be met by you and only you. When you’re lacking motivation, remind yourself of how you want to finish the year. Always come back to asking yourself the question: “What does a healthy life look like for me?” After curating and perfecting your behaviors, what can you do to ensure you stick with this habit?


I wish you all healthy and happy holidays ahead! Claim 2022 to be the year you’re proud of yourself. Need help? Reach out for a FREE discovery call with me! I’m always supporting you.

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