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Are Nuts & Seeds Easy to Digest?

Nuts and seeds are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrient density. They can be incorporated into many meals and snacks in various ways. Eating nuts and seeds can be easy for many people to digest, but others may have some difficulties. There are a few ways to ensure these powerhouse nutrients can be digested and absorbed without pain or discomfort. 

Digesting nuts and seeds for optimal absorption:

  • Soak/Sprout: one way to ensure proper digestion of nuts and seeds is by soaking or sprouting them. Soaking helps to break down enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that are present in nuts and seeds. Enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid can interfere with nutrient absorption. You can soak nuts and seeds in water anywhere from an hour to overnight.
  • Preparation Method: If raw nuts and seeds seem to cause digestion issues, altering their preparation might help. Roasting or toasting can break down tough fibers, enhancing digestion, absorption, and elimination. This also allows for flavor customization with spices and herbs. Similarly, if raw veggies disrupt your digestive system, consider cooking them thoroughly for easier digestion.
  • Chew Well: The action of chewing breaks down food into smaller particles, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients. Plus, saliva contains enzymes that initiate the digestion process, so taking the time to chew well can greatly improve digestion. 


By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy the benefits of nuts and seeds without experiencing digestive discomfort. Nuts and seeds contain macro and micronutrients, making them a balanced food source to include in a well balanced diet. Whether you add them into salads, use them as toppings on oatmeal, or enjoy them as a snack, nuts and seeds are a versatile and nutritious addition to any diet.

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