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Mindful Eating During Summer Vacation

Summer is here! Vacations are being planned and life is good. While the anticipation of a new scene is exciting and relaxation awaits, some people tend to feel anxious amid their summer vacation plans. Why? Food! Here’s the mind limbo they get stuck in:

  • My routine will be different, I won’t be able to eat the way I have been.
  • My cravings will be heightened with all the treats at every social activity.
  • I’m going to be drinking more since my friends and family will be drinking too.
  • I don’t want to gain too much weight because I’ve been hitting the gym and trying to eat well.


Does this sound familiar? If it does, I’m here to tell you that your thoughts are valid, but it’s equally as important to enjoy your time away. With a perfect strike of staying true to your health values and enjoying your favorite treats, vacation can be delightful and your lifestyle can be easily adaptable.

Any Lifestyles By Liz client knows that the work we do sets you up for success and a sustainable route toward achieving your health and wellness goals. Even with a change in routine, the knowledge you have will help you create a system that works for you!

Here are some examples on how to keep up with your goals on vacation, but also enjoy the time away:

  1. Stay hydrated – bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Chances are, the weather will be quite warm and you’ll need to properly hydrate. You can also carry some electrolyte packets. Having the water bottle will also come in handy if you’re sipping on alcoholic drinks throughout the day. For every drink you have, be sure to drink water with it.
  2. Always eat breakfast! Whether you’re in an airbnb, or at a hotel, always make time to eat before the vacation activities begin. Breakfast should include a protein, fiber, and some fat. An example of this would be avocado toast with eggs and berries or you can prepare jars of protein overnight oats in your suitcase and then add your liquid the night before you decide to have that meal.
  3. When you want a sweet treat, try to incorporate a protein with it. Doing this, you can ensure your blood sugar stays stable and you’ll be more satisfied by the snack. Example: if you’re getting ice cream, make the toppings work for you. Add nuts or peanut butter to balance the ice cream.
  4. Explore the grounds where you’re staying. Depending on the type of vacation you’re taking, walking can either be extremely increased or drastically reduced. Find a balance between the two. Try to walk after meals and look for intermediate hikes to include one day while you’re there.
  5. Be present. Vacation is meant to enrich your life and create memories to last a lifetime. Don’t ruin your vacation by spending all your time thinking about food.


My method to these tips is that you enjoy what you want, but you implement them more effectively to feel that much better. You’re not avoiding anything by any means. Instead, you’re focusing on adding nutrients or incorporating healthy behaviors to provide your body with care.

Do you have any tips you would add?

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