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Reframe Your Nutrition Mindset

Your health goals should ADD value and abundance to your well being. A scarce and restrictive mindset around health and wellness is not a sustainable way to curate healthy behaviors. How can you improve your nutrition mindset? Try these simple swaps in your daily conversation to optimize your wellness experience. 

  1. Instead of: “What should I take off my plate?” Try: “What nutrients can I add to my plate?”
  2. Instead of: “I ate too much last night, I just wont eat today.” Try: “The food I ate last night was great! Today, I’ll nourish my body by hydrating and increasing my vegetables.”
  3. Instead of: “I’m going to stop eating out so much on the weekends.” Try: “When I eat out on the weekend, I’ll always do my best to eat a properly balanced meal.”

The way we talk to ourselves matter. If you’re struggling with motivation, attitude, or accountability – book a free consultation with me!


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