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Reset Yoga: What to Expect & How to Prepare

Need to shake things off? This is a practice you can always come back to to increase motivation and improve mood.

Reset yoga with Lifestyles By Liz embraces a challenge, but also drives you back to your roots. All are welcome here. This class is a chance for you to grow your practice. I encourage students to lean deeper into their yoga journey and find a fresh rhythm to play with.

The class will flow between restorative and strengthening exercises. We’ll lose our balance, prioritize comfort, and focus on moving forward. Balancing these energies will create strength, resilience, and awareness.

Here are the things you should prepare with for a reset class:

  • Wear socks with a good grip.
  • Bring a beverage of your choice.
  • If you’re practicing for the first time in a long time, know that you may struggle, but you’re not failing.
  • Bring an eye pillow or something similar to block out the light for savasana.
  • Blocks, straps, and bolsters are great assets for this class.


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