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Nutritional Therapist Approved: Protein Powders

Protein shakes can be a huge part of a persons diet if they have busy schedules, regular gym-goers, or don’t have time to cook. Protein shakes are a convenient meal option, but they must be made properly to ensure the body receives plenty of nutrients. When you do have the extra time, go the extra mile and make a meal with whole food sources of protein. If your schedule is too busy, try to prep certain food items in advance to have easier access to diverse meals.

The quality of protein powder is a really important factor to consider when consuming protein shakes as often as one might. Protein powders are widely used in our society today. Not many people who use them realize that the ingredients in the powders are not great to consume on a regular basis.

The ingredients in mainstream protein powders can contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, carrageenan, gums, vegetable oils, and thickeners. Large intake of these ingredients can lead to a host of different digestive issues. Use the app trash panda to learn further about the effects of the protein powder ingredients. Should the ingredient label exceed 10+ items and you don’t recognize many of them, it’s a good idea to browse for a different product. 

If you are going to prepare protein shakes throughout the week, here are the brand aid protein powder I would suggest.

  • Perfect Supplements Collagen
  • Dr. Axe Collagen Powder
  • Cymbiotika Protein Powder
  • Nutivia Hemp Protein
  • Truvani Protein Powder
  • Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein 
  • Ancient Nutrition Plant Protein
  • Garden of Life Protein Powder


There are others ways you can increase the protein in your shake with powders. You can add Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, hemp seeds, nut butter, and seeds. 

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