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Ways to Support Hormone Health

Balancing hormones is a long-term process. There is not a quick fix approach. At the root of hormonal imbalances, an individual must support their gut health and blood sugar regulation. It is encouraged that a professional guides you through this process.

Hormonal health is important to our overall well-being. The way we feel, move, eat and sleep can all be traced back to the health of our hormones. While all bodies are different, there are universal ways that we can support our hormones on a daily basis. Here are four ways to support our hormones.

1. Never drink coffee on an empty stomach – drinking coffee on an empty stomach is going to stimulate the adrenals to work tirelessly throughout the entire day. The caffeine hit is going to spike blood sugar, only to crash it later on. Undesirable cravings, feeling sleepy in the afternoon, and feeling shaky are some of the symptoms you may experience when drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Instead, drink coffee after eating a nourishing breakfast.  

2. Try to soak up some natural sunlight first thing in the morning  – optimize your hormone levels by calibrating the natural circadian rhythms of the body. 

3. Implement stress management techniques – a stressed out body eventually leads to a host of challenges. Overproduction of cortisol is going to cause energy fluctuations, mood changes, possible digestive issues, and excessive cravings. Managing stress with the use of exercise, mindful minutes, and other activities that bring peace to the mind and body is vital to health and well-being.

4. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of variety – consuming a diet that is filled with many different vitamins and minerals is essential to hormone production. Our body needs every macronutrient to function properly. Restricting food groups mindlessly is not helpful.

Incorporating these habits relieve stress on the body. There are plenty of more ways to support hormone health that are more strategic, but like anything else in life- starting slow and easy is always most effective.

If you’re experiencing more complicated issues that pertain to hormonal imbalances, consider seeking further guidance.


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