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Signs That You’re Not Eating Enough

Do you know what our body loves? 


Often when I see clients who have a myriad of symptoms that they’re not sure why they are present, the first thing I ask is “What does a normal meal look like for you daily?”  The ironic part of the answer is that most times, these individuals are not eating meals. They’re eating snacks or grazing all day long. Due to crazy schedules or poor time management, unfortunately, these people are not fueling their bodies the proper way. I’m all for snacking during the day. But, a snack is NOT a meal. Eating a few scraps from your kids’ leftovers is NOT a meal. Coffee is NOT a meal.

It’s not cool to have an iced coffee for breakfast, a protein bar for lunch, and a smoothie for dinner. Sadly, many people follow this “diet” and find nothing wrong with it. But, when we look closer, most of these people are riddled with anxiety, mood fluctuations, and consistent physical/mental symptoms that are labeled as “normal.” 

Our body thrives when we consume nutrient-dense meals. 

If the above diet is similar to your lifestyle, go through the below list and note if any of these symptoms are present for you. These are some signs that you may not be eating enough:

  • Your feet and hands are exceptionally cold
  • Your skin is pale and dry
  • You have trouble concentrating, lose your train of thought easily, and have bouts of forgetfulness
  • You have trouble going to the bathroom regularly and usually feel bloated
  • You’re always tired but, you’re not sleeping during the night
  • You immediately feel dizzy upon standing up
  • You may seem calm on the outside, but feel anxiety and irritability on the inside


These symptoms are a result of our body not being nourished properly. By doing/eating the least, we’re putting the most pressure on our body. Eating less on purpose is not doing anything for you besides creating more stress. If you have a tough schedule during the day, try to set aside time to prepare balanced meals in advance. Don’t put unnecessary stress on your body when there’s ways to care for it. 

As a Nutritional Therapist, I not only want you to eat well, I want you to take care of yourself. When you prioritize yourself, other challenging parts of your health and wellness journey may ease up.

One thing at a time, my friends. Eat and be well!

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