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Weekly Check-In Sessions

When a client signs up for a 3 or 6-month Nutritional Therapy program, they have the opportunity each week to reflect upon their efforts and receive support for the week ahead. These weekly sessions last up to 45 minutes giving each person valuable time to learn about health and wellness, ask questions, create a vision for the week, and review priorities.

Weekly check-in sessions are performed via phone call or video chat. In rare circumstances, text message check-in sessions are allowed.

Every client I work with has a unique set of priorities and goals which makes each session with every client bio-individual. At the beginning of our journey together, I provide a framework of what body systems will be targeted and arrange them accordingly with the set of goals you provide. However, there are universal topics that are covered in each session with everyone. Each client will learn and be asked about their week of eats, digestion and reactions, energy levels, compliance with habits, hydration, sleep, stress management, and movement styles. The way a client answers these questions will allow me to make specific recommendations for their lifestyle. The application of how to implement a new recommendation is dependent heavily on the client’s personality, work style, and unique experiences.

By the end of every session, a client will leave with up to 3 specific recommendations to apply for the week ahead. I hope that each of these recommendations is built upon and becomes routine by the end of our journey together.

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