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Where do I Begin on my Wellness Journey?


Hmmmm. Maybe you’re thinking, “Liz, I didn’t do anything yet. How did I take my first step?” Well, bestie. You’re reading this, aren’t you? You may haven’t taken a physical action yet, but you’re researching, planning, and preparing at this very moment. You can’t start anything without a plan. Phoebe said it best … 

Now that you’ve researched some things, I need you to go inward and listen to yourself. You read other people’s stories, heard what their goals were and how they achieved them, but now it’s time to create your story. What is YOUR goal? What does it mean for YOU to live a healthier life? It’s a SELF development journey, don’t get caught up in other people’s story lines. YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER! 

Take a piece of paper and start writing out what you want for yourself, why it is important, and how you want to feel in x amount of time. There is no fast track or  rush to the finish line. All I need you to do from this point forward is show up for yourself every single day. Every single day may not look the same. You may have some days where you’re just about ready to quit. When you hit that wall, take the piece of paper out and remind yourself of that better version of yourself.  You are fierce, you are committed, you can do it! 

As you begin creating healthier habits, you’ll start to notice subtle differences in your mind and body. Keep track of these things. For me as I began working out more regularly and adjusting my eating habits, I noticed it took me less time to fall asleep at night, I didn’t feel as fatigued mid-day, and I had a more positive and understanding outlook on scenarios that would’ve overwhelmed me in the past. Here’s your reminder that your health and wellness progress doesn’t only have to be physical. We immediately get caught up in numbers on the scale, how much muscle we grew, and what our abs look like. We should be paying attention to our energy levels, digestion reactions, how we talk to ourself, and what value we’re adding to our lifestyle over restricting, etc. If we pay attention to the non-physical signs, we may appreciate the journey a little more.

One last important note- find what works for you and your lifestyle. There is no “one size fits all” approach. If you’re needing support or need advice, ask questions. If you don’t like something that you thought you would, change it up! NO JUDGEMENT! 

You deserve to feel on top of the world. Commit and conquer. I’m rooting for you. 





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