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What Could Be Causing My Bloat?

Bloating is NOT normal. Let’s get that out of the way. Digestive challenges, especially bloating, are one of the most common symptoms that I help clients manage over time. Below, I will be outlining certain things that could contribute to bloating.

1. Being distracted while eating – scrolling on your phone or working while eating is a universal thing we’re all guilty of. Digestion is a north to south process which means digestion begins in the brain and travels way down. When our brain is focused on what’s on our phone, rather than on our plate, digestion becomes impaired. We may still feel hungry afterward because we weren’t fully present with the meal. At this point, we may tend to overeat and bloating can arise.

2. Eating too fast – rushing through meals and not chewing enough can irritate the gut environment. Digestion happens in a parasympathetic state which means our body shouldn’t be in a stressed state while we eat. When stress is on, digestion is off! 

3. Not eating enough – if we’re not giving our body proper nutrients on a daily basis, our body will not produce the necessary enzymes needed to digest and eliminate food. 

4. Low stomach acid – too many times in society, we hear that people have too much stomach acid and that’s what’s causing unwanted symptoms. However, stomach acid is essential for absorption of nutrients. If we don’t have enough stomach acid, digestion can become a more strenuous process, ultimately leading to bloat and other digestive issues.

5. Food sensitivity/allergy – there’s a possibility that a certain food you’re eating is something you may have a sensitivity/allergy to. Notice what types of symptoms arise after eating meals. Keep a food journal to track what you’re experiencing. 

Bloating is uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be something you experience daily. If you need support in figuring out what is causing your bloat, reach out for a consultation!

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