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What Do I Need to Practice Yoga?

Interested in beginning your yoga journey? I’m so excited for you! Whether you’re practicing from home, in a studio, with friends at the park, or at a gym, there are a few things you’ll have to have with you for your practice. You don’t have to purchase anything too fancy.The purpose of these props is to assist you in achieving postures without straining your body or pushing it beyond its current capabilities. These props are lightweight, portable, and suitable for students of all levels.

First and foremost, it’s best to purchase a yoga mat. The mat is essential for your yoga practice. It keeps your joints and muscles safe from injury, provides cushion for your hands and knees, it promotes stability and balance, and can help you create the correct posture. If you do not have access to purchase a yoga mat, you can practice on carpet or a thick towel. It’s best to avoid practicing on a hard wood floor. 

Another prop that is great to have are yoga blocks. Yoga blocks can help with the structure and shape of a yoga pose. They can help shorten the distance between your hand and the surface. Essentially, it’s bringing the floor up to you. Blocks support your alignment, provide balance in postures, and can improve strength. The versatility of yoga blocks lies in their ability to be adjusted to three different settings. Your yoga instructor should  guide you on the most suitable option for each supportive posture.

Next on the list are yoga straps. Straps can be a little awkward to use when you’re not used to them. But with practice, straps can be a very effective prop for flexibility and control. Straps provide length in the muscles, increase range of motion, helps support alignment, facilitates safe stretching, and helps avoid overextension. 

It’s also important to have a nonslip pair of socks on while you practice. In yoga, we want to be able to ground in each posture to the best of our ability. If our socks are making us slip, it increases the risk of injury and makes it more difficult to embody the sensation of the pose. 

Regarding your practice environment, aim for a spacious area with minimal clutter and preferably a calm atmosphere. Minimizing distractions will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your self-care time and fully enjoy your yoga practice.

By equipping yourself with these props, you can enhance your practice and ensure safety and comfort. So, find a tranquil space, head to your mat, set your props beside you, and enjoy the amazing practice of your yoga journey. Namaste!

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