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What to Expect When you Work With Me

Working with a Nutritional Therapist could be a life-changing journey. Not only do we guide your nutrition and lifestyle habits, but we also uncover and unlearn all the misinformation that has spread around society for years. By doing this, we reveal your definition of health, what types of life experiences you’ve had that have impacted your nutrition choices, and how we can improve your well-being as a whole. Many clients come to me intending to lose weight. After a few sessions, we find out many more health priorities for them than just weight loss. People want to feel confident in their skin, empowered in their food choices, freedom when they go out to eat/drink, etc. Your life-changing journey begins with your unique story and the proper education to implement better behaviors.

What clients LOSE working with me:

  • Diet Mentality 
  • All or Northing Mindset 
  • Food Rules 
  • Obsession over Calories/Macro Tracking 
  • Obsession over Weight loss


What clients GAIN working with me :

  • Abundant Mindset 
  • Confidence in Food Choices
  • Unique Routines and Habits 
  • More Energy 
  • Better Sleep 
  • Improved Digestion 
  • Stress Management Techniques 


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