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Monmouth County, NJ Must Try Restaurants

Monmouth County is located in central New Jersey along the Jersey Shore. You can find picturesque views, fun date spots, and a broad variety of incredible food. Some of my favorite restaurants are in Monmouth County! You have to try these!

  1. Spring Lake Seafood – Spring Lake, NJ. Spring Lake Seafood is a sustainable seafood restaurant that offers local, quality seafood that is economically attractive to patrons. Outdoor seating is available.
  2. Pascal and Sabine – Asbury Park, NJ. Pascal and Sabine is a unique European restaurant that takes on a modern style of French cuisine. Its romantic atmosphere is perfect for celebratory occasions. 
  3. Good Karma Cafe – Red Bank, NJ. Good Karma is a charming cafe that offers vegetarian and vegan comfort food. They pride themselves on their organic ingredients and commitment to taking care of the earth and animals. Whether you’re running around mid day and need a pick me up smoothie, or want to catch up with friends for a sit down meal – Good Karma is the place to be. 
  4. Turnstile Coffee – Belmar, NJ. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, look no further than Turnstile Coffee. Turnstile Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe. When you dine in, you can watch the magic of the coffee roasting process. The aroma alone is enough to get you caffeinated! 
  5. The Skillet – Freehold, NJ. Finding a dedicated breakfast/brunch spot isn’t always easy. However, finding The Skillet was a big deal! The Skillet is a family owned business that welcomes diners in with kindness, warmth, and care. Partnered with local farmers and other small food/beverage businesses, you can enjoy a delicious organic and fresh meal. 

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