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Ocean County, NJ Must Try Restaurants

Ocean County, NJ is located in the south-central portion of New Jersey along the Jersey Shore. You may be familiar with Ocean County for its beaches and summer nightlife atmosphere. But, Ocean County also offers a wide selection of great, local, and unique food that is a must try for locals and visitors. Some of the best restaurants in Ocean County, NJ are:

  1. JBJ Soul Kitchen – Toms River, NJ. Not only is the food incredibly delicious, the mission of the JBJ Soul Kitchen is beautiful. JBJ Soul Kitchen is a non-profit Community Restaurant that serves paying and vulnerable customers. There are no prices on the Soul Kitchens menu. If you are unable to pay the suggested donation, you may still enjoy a delicious meal and instead of paying the donation, the Soul Kitchen staff encourages you to volunteer in various capacities at their location. The Soul Kitchen serves farm to table meals and rotates their menu every few weeks to gather and give seasonal ingredients to their guests. You can find the Soul Kitchen in Toms River or Red Bank, NJ. 
  2. Ohana Grill – Lavalette, NJ. Ohana Grill is a Hawaiian inspired restaurant. Their vibrant and authentic flavors landed them a spot in the “Best New Jersey Food Trucks.” But, you can also visit their restaurant in Lavalette from Thursday-Saturday for dinner. 
  3. Meemoms – Brick, NJ. To be named “French Toast University” is pretty prestigious, right? Meemoms is the place to go for a creative twist on your favorite breakfast and lunch items. Their family recipes bring out the most nostalgic and nourishing flavors. 
  4. Frankies Pizza and Restaurant– Bayville, NJ. Growing up in NY, getting good pizza was easy. You never had to worry about a bad slice of pizza. Moving to Jersey, I was worried I wouldn’t find a good slice. But, then I found Frankies Pizza. Arguably, I think Frankies is one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had! It’s reminiscent of an L&B pie. If you know, you know! Let Frankies be your next Friday take out.  
  5. Samara Grill – Seaside Heights, NJ. Middle Eastern cuisine isn’t always the easiest food to perfect. Samara Grill perfected this classic cuisine and should be a place you stop at when walking along the Seaside boardwalk. 

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