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Cold & Sinus Relief During the Winter Season

Having a cold and sinus pressure can be so uncomfortable and frustrating. Letting the cold run its course can feel like an eternity. You want relief, and you want it right away! Here are some helpful habits to implement when you need relief from a cold or sinus pressure.

  1. Take a Steam Shower – allow your sinuses to open to help you breathe easier. Let the water gently hit your back, neck, and head. Take a couple of deep breaths.  

  2. Properly Hydrate – add minerals and electrolytes to your water to help hydrate your body on a cellular level. My favorite refreshing combo is cucumber, lemon and pink salt. 

  3. Purify the Air and Environment Naturally – you’re probably lying down in one room for hours. When you feel ready, open a window, change your bed sheets, and sanitize your environment. 

  4. Use a Humidifier – keeping the air moist around you may help make breathing easier and manage sinus pressure. 

  5. Drink Throat Coat Tea w/ Slippery Elm – soothes the throat and supports digestion. 

  6. Eat Warm Foods – soups and stews are great when you’re sick. You can pack many nutrients into one soup. My favorite is Escarole and Bean soup. Super healing for me! 

  7. Stretch – even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, loosen your body to release a build-up of stress and tension.

  8. Don’t overexert yourself – your body needs time to heal on its own. Allow yourself to rest.

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