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Tea for Every Mood

Chances are some of the things you’re feeling, I know a tea that can make you feel a little bit better.

Tea time is essential in my life and I always choose my teas based on what’s going on in my body. 

You’ll find a list of herbal teas below that can help manage and alleviate symptoms that you may deal with on a daily basis. 

  1. Peppermint Tea – for digestive discomfort, bloating, cramps, and gas. Peppermint tea has a cool and clean taste.
  2. Raspberry Leaf Tea – alleviate PMS and supports female reproductive health. Raspberry Leaf tea is naturally more sweet.
  3. Ginger Turmeric Tea – strong anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, can help reduce nausea and headaches. Ginger Turmeric tea has a mild spice and earthy undertones.
  4. Chamomile Tea – calms the mind and body for restful sleep and reduces stress. Chamomile tea has a subtle, aromatic taste.
  5. Throat Coat Tea with Slippery Elm – helps soothes a sore throat, but also supports digestion and gut health. Throat coat tea has a similar taste to black licorice. 

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