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How to Mindfully Shop for Groceries

Shopping for groceries is something all humans have in common. Where we go, how often we shop, and what staples we buy can differ from person to person/family to family. Common questions I get asked from my clients are, “What do you buy?” “Where can I find that?” “I’m bored with what I buy, what do I do differently?” Assuming you need some help, ponder these types of questions, or want a fresh start on how to mindfully shop for groceries, I’m here to assist!  I’m going to share my guide on how to have a successful grocery store trip and add excitement back into your food. 

When making a list for groceries, follow this template (change number depending on routine or how many people you’re feeding):

  • 3 Veggies/ 3 Fruits
    • Color is important here! Vary as best as you could.
    • Check to see what is in season that month.
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great option if you want to preserve the freshness longer. It also saves time and prep if you are cooking with it. 
  • 3 Different Proteins (if your budget allows for it, opt for the better-quality options. You can also overstock proteins in one trip and leave them in the freezer so you minimize this cost later in the month.) 
    • Wild Seafood 
    • Pasture Raised Eggs
    • Organic Chicken/Turkey
    • Grass Fed Beef 
  • 2 Fat Sources 
    • Avocado/ Avocado Oil
    • Olive Oil
    • Kerrygold Butter/ Ghee 
    • Chia/Hemp Seeds
    • Nuts 
  • 1-2 new foods or brand you’d like to try
  • 1 Fun Food (example: Simple Mills baking mixes, Hu chocolate)


If it’s an option for you in your community, find a farmers market that has local vendors and produce that you can try. This is a great way to learn more about the food you’re eating and meet people in your community. 

Don’t forget your reusable bags! 

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