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Improvement Stages as you Work with an NTP

Curious about the results my clients feel as we work together? In just a few short days, many of my clients feel like an improved version of themselves. Following the recommendations and trusting your body’s innate ability to heal is half the battle. Below, you can find what some clients have felt between one week and three months of working together. 

What ONE WEEK of nutritional therapy can feel like:

  • Peaked energy, Better sleep 
  • Easy implementation of healthy habits
  • Meal satisfaction 
  • Less bloating 

What ONE MONTH of nutritional therapy can feel like:

  • Increased awareness of how food affects your mind and body 
  • Easier to wake up in the morning 
  • Habits become a part of a larger lifestyle routine 
  • Improved digestion with consistent healthy bowel movements

What THREE MONTHS of nutritional therapy can feel like:

  • Optimal digestion function 
  • Sustained energy all day 
  • Confidence in building a balanced and satiating plate
  • Freedom in food choices and exercise habits 

You can try out my  Wellness Reset program for one month or get the full experience with an immersive three or six month program. Contact me with questions!

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