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Why Am I Not Hungry in the Morning?

Struggling with not having an appetite in the morning and feeling nauseous or sick just by the thought of food is a common complaint for most people.

When I first started dating Anthony, he would pull the covers over his head when I offered him breakfast! He wakes up most mornings with an appetite now! Slowly but surely! 

The common theme of not being hungry in the morning and skipping breakfast is not a good pattern. It can be another sign of digestive dysfunction. We’ve heard this term before in variety of ways. The underlying cause for what people experience can be different for each individual. Typically, not having an appetite in the morning is because :

  1. Your body is having a hard time and is going through a long process trying to digest and metabolize the food you ate the night/day before. Food is stuck in the digestive system causing nausea and discomfort. 
  2. How you eat can play a role too. Are you chewing thoroughly? Are you eating super fast? The experience of how you eat influences how we feel later on.
  3. It’s possible you adjusted your body to not eating in the morning so it doesn’t wake up hungry. 


To break this pattern, eat a small-ish breakfast within an hour of waking and then have regular meals throughout the rest of the day. Choose something light and balanced for breakfast. Maybe it’s a fruit parfait with some nuts and seeds. Eating within an hour of waking is beneficial for our blood sugar (energy). Start slow to build yourself up to a full appetite in the morning. You’d be surprised how this can impact your overall health and well-being. 

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