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Safe vs. Sustainable Nutrition Goals

When you’re thinking about your nutrition goals and the process you may go through to achieve them, ask yourself,

“Is this sustainable, or is this safe?”


  • Appealing but may not necessarily be the easiest or best option.
  • Offer instant gratification because it’s a quick crutch that helps us to feel better in the moment but doesn’t guarantee long-term results.
  • Works for a short period of time. Safe choices can send you down a rabbit hole. You participate in one thing until it doesn’t work anymore, and then you look for another safe option to replace it. These are most likely diet trends or glorified weight loss programs.



  • You have the ability to adopt healthier behaviors almost immediately without uprooting everything you’re already doing.
  • Can be easily adaptable to your lifestyle if things should change around you or within you.
  • A sustainable route is a long-term approach that has your future in mind. 


A sustainable lifestyle improves your health and well-being because :

  • It doesn’t require a constant reset
  • It’s a plan that is unique to only YOU
  • Gives you the confidence and ability to show up every day wanting to make healthier choices


Nutritional therapy is all about sustainability. What are your thoughts on this?


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