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Blended Chia Seed Pudding

This blended pudding is a good option for those who don’t like the texture of the whole seed pudding. The broken-down seeds are smooth and makes it easier to enjoy. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, macro, and micro minerals, they are a source of omega 3 fatty acids, and are a complete source of protein. With all these benefits and their versatility, chia seeds are perfect for almost any meal. Read more here! (Link to benefits of chia seeds post)



1. Place all ingredients (excluding fruit and toppings) into a blender. 

2. Blend until creamy. I usually stop blending when it starts to look like a cookies and crème shake😝 

3. Transfer pudding into a mason jar and place in fridge overnight. 

4. If you’re usually short on time in the morning, you can place your toppings the night before on the pudding. However, depending on what they are- they may get soggy. 

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